A Weather Alert Radio Saves Lives

Get your family, friends, your home office a Weather Radio this season! This would make a great gift for the Holidays. Use a NOAA Weather Alert Radio to monitor weather advisories, watches and warnings in your area. All warning information is available free of charge and specific to your county via the National Weather Service Weather Radio Network (NOAA) Warnings are issued for counties, so know what county you are in and those around you. Pay attention to the county you are in while traveling through unfamiliar areas. For years, state and federal officials have stressed the importance of having a NOAA weather radio in each home to safeguard residents by ensuring they know when they are in the path of severe weather. The National Weather Service broadcasts forecasts, severe weather warnings and watches 24 hours a day over the NOAA radio network. According to the FEMA website, in addition to broadcasting watches and warnings covering natural incidents such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms and winter storms.

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