Laurens County Emergency Medical Services is operated by the Laurens County Council and is overseen by an appointed Director.  Additionally, the management team consists of a Deputy Director who oversees all daily operations and the Training and Education Coordinator who is responsible for the department’s in-service program, the QI/QA program, and the over site of the department’s Medical Peer Review Committee.

The department is structured into three 24-hour shifts.  Each shift’s management team consists of the Shift Captain who is responsible for all shift operations and two Shift Lieutenants who are responsible for direct field operational and clinical oversight along with additional duties as assigned.  To supplement the department’s management team there are 2 Field Training Officers assigned to each shift.  These leadership positions are directly responsible for the orientation and training of new employees along with clinical field leadership.  Additionally, each of these positions holds adjunct responsibilities as assigned in order to assure the highest quality response and patient care by all field providers.

The department values a close working relationship with the local medical community.  Our medical control director, Dr. Givens, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician with the Self Regional Healthcare.  Dr. Givens is an active participant in the department’s CQI and QA programs, IST program, and in the evaluation of the medical protocols and treatment modalities utilized by the department.