Be Informed

Being informed allows you to take information made available to you before an emergency/disaster and use that knowledge to make an informed decision during an emergency/disaster.

When disaster strikes, precious time is wasted on indecision. Being informed gives you the confidence and ability to make decisions at a moment’s notice. These decisions could make the difference in your family’s survivability.

It is your responsibility to BE INFORMED. Knowing what to do before a disaster strikes and how to respond when it does is critical information you should share with your family.

    • Local radio and television stations will provide information in the event of a major emergency.
    • In some instance, the EAS (Emergency Alert System) may be activated.
    • Specific emergency instructions will be broadcast by:
  • Local radio stations:
    • WLBG – 860 AM
    • WPCC – 1410 AM
  • Local television stations:
    • WYFF – News Channel 4
    • WSPA – News Channel 7
  • South Carolina’s ETV Radio Station
  • South Carolina’s Educational TV (SCETV)
  • NOAA Weather Radio – 162.425 MHz or 162.550 MHz

Emergency instructions will provide information on whether it is safer to EVACUATE your home/workplace or to SHELTER IN PLACE. If you are ordered to evacuate, announcements will advise you where to go.

      • Telephone numbers for emergency help are located on the first page or in the first section of your local telephone book. These should be near the phone easily accessible or entered into your cell phone.
        • SC Highway Patrol: 864-682-3211 or *HP
        • DNR: 1-800-922-5431
        • Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222
        • 9-1-1 is an emergency response number ONLY for serious, life-threatening emergencies. Teach your children when to use 9-1-1.
    • Ask if the school stores adequate food, water, and other basic supplies.
    • Find out if the school is prepared to Shelter in Place, if necessary.
    • Find out where your child will be taken if they must evacuate the school.

In cases where schools institute procedures to Shelter in Place, you may not be permitted to drive to the school to pick up your children. Monitor local radio/television stations and/or their websites for announcements regarding how to proceed if the Shelter in Place procedure is instituted, as well as changes in school openings and closings, and follow the directions of local emergency officials. In some instances, the safest place for your children might be the school itself.

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