Bids & Purchasing

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The mission of the Laurens County Purchasing Division is to provide cost-effective, quality goods and services for all County Departments in accordance with public procurement guidelines established by County Council. This responsibility includes the evaluation and standardization of goods and services, the disposition of obsolete or surplus goods, and providing equal opportunities for vendors.

  • Bid – An offer submitted by a prospective vendor in response to a request for bid issued by Laurens County.
  • RFP – “Request for Proposal” – An offer submitted by the vendor / offeror in response to the RFP. A proposal is usually requested in cases where the selection of a contractor is to be made on the basis of performance that is offered rather than on that of price alone.
  • Purchase Order – A written document, which sets out all terms and conditions of a purchase transaction with a supplier.
  • Bidder/ Vendor Application – Vendors wishing to be placed on our County bidder/vendor file, may complete a bidder/vendor registration form. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE.
  • Surplus Property – Items declared surplus to the County’s needs are disposed by means of public auction or sealed bids. Auctions or bids are advertised in a paper of general circulation.

The Procurement Code of Laurens County is available for download here in its entirety. If you would like to download the entire Procurement Code, you may by clicking HERE.
REQUIRED FORMS (click to download)

  • W-9
  • Contractor Indemnification

Notice to Those Interested in Current Solicitations:
A company should monitor this website, as the website is updated as solicitations are opened. All solicitations are publicly advertised on this website.

Fleet Services provides the Purchasing Department with all vehicle and equipment specifications and possible vendors. The department checks all vehicle and equipment bids and assists departments in bid decisions. We also inspect & ensure that the vehicles and equipment meet specifications at the time of delivery. Fleet Services outfits all vehicles and equipment with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and affixes County seals. After the useful life of vehicles or equipment, all radios, lights, safety equipment, and signage are removed. Vehicles are then prepared and sold at auction.


Fleet Services provides safe, high quality and low cost repairs and preventive maintenance for all Laurens County vehicles and equipment. This department also maintains 24-hour minor repair services for EMS and Sheriff’s Department vehicles to minimize down time. Fleet Services delivers fuel for equipment and generators. We are responsible for vehicle and equipment specifications, acquisitions, outfitting and disposal for the County.