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Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation Project

Laurens County, South Carolina will receive sealed, hard-copy bid proposals for the AIRFIELD LIGHTING REHABILITATION PROJECT at the Laurens County Airport, Laurens, South Carolina, FAA A.I.P. No. 3-45-0036-017-2019.  Hard-copy bid proposals will be received at the Laurens Council County Administrative Offices located at 100 Hillcrest Square, Laurens, South Carolina 29360, until 2:00 p.m. local prevailing time on Thursday, July 30, 2020.  An in-person Bid Opening will not be held.  Instead, a virtual Bid Opening will be conducted.  Everyone listed on the official planholders list will be notified by email no less than 24 hours prior with instruction including how to participate in the virtual Bid Opening.  Bids received after the stated time or at locations other than that listed above will not be accepted.


Bid Results

Terms and Definitions


An offer submitted by a prospective vendor in response to a request for bid issued by Laurens County.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

An offer submitted by the vendor / offeror in response to the RFP. A proposal is usually requested in cases where the selection of a contractor is to be made on the basis of performance that is offered rather than on that of price alone.

Purchase Order

A written document, which sets out all terms and conditions of a purchase transaction with a supplier.

Bidder / Vendor Application

Vendors wishing to be placed on our County bidder/vendor file, may complete a bidder/vendor registration form.

Surplus Property

Items declared surplus to the County’s needs are disposed by means of public auction or sealed bids. Auctions or bids are advertised in a paper of general circulation.