The Laurens County Airport Commission was established in 1962 by Legislative Act 2-375.  The Laurens County Council is vested with the authority to appoint and legislate as set forth in Title Chapter 9, Section 170 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976.


The purpose of the Commission is to advise, oversee and direct the activities and operations of the Laurens County Airport.


The Commission consists of seven (7) members.


The members of the Commission are appointed by the Laurens County Council representing a cross section of Laurens County. Each Council Member shall be entitled to one (1) appointment for four (4) years.  An appointee may be from the district of the Council Member making the appointment or from any other area of the county, at the sole discretion of the Council Member making such appointment.  The appointee shall be a registered elector residing in Laurens County. Commissioners may succeed themselves. In the event a vacancy, the Council Member for the unexpired term of the appointee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the appointee.  No compensation.


AppointeeExpiration DateCouncil District
Richard W. SnipesDecember 31, 2018#1 - Younts
Timothy HillDecember 31, 2021#2 - Wood
John D. MitchellDecember 31, 2021#3 - McDaniel
Ernest B. SegarsDecember 31, 2018#4 - Patterson
Robert A. HarringtonDecember 31, 2018#5 - Carroll
Richard A. PattersonDecember 31, 2021#6 - Anderson
George S. Wham (Sammy)December 31, 2021#7 - Pitts

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