Welcome to Laurens County E-911 Center’s web page.  We hope your visit will be pleasant and informative.

The E-911 Center’s primary obligation lies in establishing and maintaining an up-to-date technologically advanced 911 system.  The Center currently answers approximately 152,500 telephone calls a year.

All communications for Public Safety for Laurens County are handled by the county’s E-911 communications center. The communications center dispatches for EMS, all volunteer fire departments, the sheriff’s department, the City of Laurens fire and police departments, and the City of Clinton Public Safety Department and regional emergency air transport services. This allows for an enhanced and more coordinated form of initial call intake, call dispatching and field communications for all emergency services within the county. The communications center is staffed with 6 personnel per shift working 12 shifts.



To provide the highest level of emergency communications service possible by:

  • Hiring and retaining qualified staff and providing the best possible training
  • Answering each 911 call promptly as possible
  • Providing appropriate pre-arrival instructions
  • Utilizing the most technologically advanced systems possible and affordable
  • To achieve 100% efficiency of 911 for emergency calls through public education

It is very important that every resident of Laurens County has a valid 911 address sign posted outside their residence or business so that Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services or the Fire Department will find YOU in an emergency.

Numbers should be at least 5 inches in height and posted at the end of the driveway.

The address should be clearly visible day and night, and from both directions.

What is 911?

Our Communication Center is known as a Centralized dispatch center.  The same person that takes your call is the same person that dispatches an ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement when you call 911.

At our Center our Dispatchers work 12 hour shifts, 7-7.   Currently Laurens County has 24 full-time dispatchers. Each shift has a Shift Supervisor and three E-911 Dispatchers. The dispatchers are very well trained in-house and certified with SLED and other organizations.

Our Communication Center has up-to-date equipment to aid in dispatching for any emergency.

  • Zuercher Computer Aided (CAD) System
  • Solacom Guardian 911 Telephone Equipment
  • ESRI based ARC GIS Mapping System
  • Motorola MCC 7500E Elite Radio Dispatch System
  • TDD/TYY- ( for the hearing impaired ) 1-864-681-1604
  • *NEW* Text-to-911 capability 

Why was the 911 system created?

  • When people are victimized
  • Witness of a criminal action
  • Accidents or Illnesses
  • Smell of Smoke-Fire

The feelings of anxiety are so overwhelming that even trying to look up a telephone number can be an impossible task. 9-1-1 can dispatch the proper emergency personnel to help. The universal 911 system was also created to assist children, senior citizens, and those who have problems with language.

The first universal emergency phone number, 911, was created in 1957 for the purpose of public safety.  It was proposed by firefighters that wanted to ensure people had a place to call to reach the fire department to report house fires.  It was determined that using separate emergency numbers for separate emergencies was not ideal, and one universal number was created to ensure that people would be able to reach the emergency personnel that they are in need of.  

The emergency department commission, along with AT&T, came up with a solution that this number was needed.  They decided that they would hold this emergency number and transmit the calls to the necessary emergency personnel.  They came up with 911 since it is easily remembered, can be dialed quickly and provides the user with a quick way to the reach the necessary emergency professionals. It has never before been used as an area code or other number; making it completely unique. 

Dialing 911 can Save Your Life

Did you know that city and county logs are filled with incidents where people have helped save lives and property by dialing 911? Unfortunately, there are many instances where 911 was dialed as a joke, a trivial or nuisance call.

REMEMBER, dialing 911 is serious and calling unnecessarily can endanger the life or property of someone else when they really do need help.


What Do I Say?

When the 911 Telecomunicator answers, be prepared to give the following information:

  1. The street address (where the problem is)
  2. Tell what the problem is
  3. The phone number you are calling from.
  4. Your name.

Stay on the line and remain calm; speak clearly to the telecommunicator and answer all questions.

Reasons to Call 911

If your house catches fire, shout FIRE! FIRE! and get out fast. Crawl on the floor if there is a lot of smoke. Get to the nearest phone and call 911. Tell the dispatcher the address. DO NOT GO BACK INTO A BURNING BUILDING!

If you are home alone and you see a stranger sneaking around outside, or someone trying to get in. Call 911. KEEP ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS LOCKED!

If a friend or member of your family accidentally swallows something poisonous call 911. HAVE VICTIM LIE QUIETLY UNTIL HELP ARRIVES!

If you, one of your friends, or a family member is injured in an accident or fall. Find the nearest phone and call 911. KEEP THE HURT PERSON QUIET AND WARM UNTIL HELP ARRIVES!

If you get lost in a strange place stay calm, find a phone and call 911. REMEMBER YOU ARE SAFER PLAYING IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD! STAY WITH FRIENDS AND DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!

Know the terms used to describe severe weather

Tornado Watch: stay tuned to radio or television weather sources as weather conditions are favorable for a tornado development.

Tornado Warning: take shelter immediately because a tornado has been sighted, or a triadic storm has been indicated on radar.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch: conditions are favorable for Severe Thunderstorm development.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning: a severe Thunderstorm is occurring or is imminent.

What to do During A Tornado

When a tornado has been sighted, go to shelter immediately. Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.

If in a mobile home, trailer, or vehicle, get out immediately and go to a more substantial structure.

In a house or small building, go to the basement or storm cellar. If there is no basement, go to an interior room on the lower level.

In a car, get out and take shelter in a nearby building. If there is not shelter nearby, lie flat in the nearest ditch or ravine with your hands shielding your head. Do not attempt to out-drive a tornado. They are erratic and move swiftly.

Visit the Emergency Management web page for more information about emergency management and severe weather.


As the first link in the chain of Public Safety, it is our mission to provide courteous, reliable and professional service to the citizens and visitors of Laurens County. We will support all Public Safety agencies with superior communications services through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, effective ongoing training, caring and dedicated employees and by actively seeking ways to improve. To provide our citizens and visitors with a reliable, state-of-the-art, Enhanced 9-1-1 system, manned by well‑trained, courteous call-takers. We will provide timely, lifesaving assistance in all emergencies. We will handle non-emergency calls efficiently and provide accurate information to internal and external callers. We will make timely and accurate changes to the telephone database.

Laurens County 911 has made a commitment to provide the citizens of Laurens County with the fastest and most efficient response to emergency calls possible.  In our county-wide centralized Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), highly skilled telecommunicators using the most advanced technology available will accomplish this goal and meet the ever-changing situations of emergency communications.

Laurens County E-911 was established on December 16, 1998.

The Administrative Staff assists the citizens of Laurens County in addressing/mapping of new residences or additions to new sub-divisions.  We provide the proper channels so that each resident has taken the proper steps to ensure they have supplied information pertinent for Emergency 911 Services.  Our office maintains daily up-to-date telephone numbers, maps and addresses for the citizens of Laurens County.  If your road sign is missing, damaged or just laying on the ground we provide assistance in reinstalling the sign – please just call our office.


Joey Avery

E-911 Director


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E-911 Assistant Directory

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