CPST – Airport

Implementation Plan as of January 27, 2021

Project 7: Airport
Project Amt: $500,000
Entity: County Council
Cash Flow & Schedule:
A. Q1-Q2 22: Design/Permit: $100,000
B. Q3 22: Bid
C. Q4 22-Q1 24 Construction: $400,000

Action Plan
This is a Council project to be guided by the Aeronautics Commission and Andy Howard.

Approved by County Council January 26, 2021

Phase 1
2021 Design and construction drawings Michael Baker International (current engineering service for airport) pre application/CIP for State and FAA grants to be used with CPST.

Phase 2
Carry over 1 year FAA allocation
2022 Allocation with 2021 allocation from FAA and application for State Funding approval late 2022 likely.

Phase 3
Construction to begin pending approvals on airport terminal. Will be managed by Michael Baker, current engineer for Airport, and required for FAA and State Funding.

Funding Needed: $200,000 as soon as possible for engineering fees and drawings. Remaining $300,000 needed 4th quarter 2022 to match FAA funds.

Plans are a work in progress and are subject to change over time.