CPST – Clinton Public Library

Implementation Plan as of February 12, 2021

Project 2: Clinton Public Library
Project Amt: $4,300,000
Entity: County Council
Cash Flow & Schedule:
A. Q1 21: RFQ for Consultant
B. Q2 21: Design/Permit: $450,000
C. Q3 21 Bid
D. Q4 21-Q4 22 Construction: $3,022,500
E. Q1 23 F&F: $475,000

Action Plan
1. Committee be formed to guide the design process to include a City of Clinton representative, Library Board Representative, and the County Council team. COMPLETE
Councilman Garrett McDaniel
Venessa Stoddard
Kevin Suber
Jerre Threatt
Vickie Vance
Council Megan Welch
Rev Sara Williams

2. Create RFP for Design Services
3. Award Design Services
4. Design team works on design, final design approved by County Council
5. Tradition design/bid to select contractor
6. Award Contract and Start Construction

O & M Notes
The City pays for the utilities and have agreed to continue to do so for at the new building. They also agreed to provide groundskeeping (city council minutes February 2020). The city also has paid for maintenance for the current building. No new personnel for the new building. IGA/MOU with City of Clinton recommended.

Plans are a work in progress and are subject to change over time.