If you called 911, could they find your home or business quickly?

Be Safe & Get Found with a High Visibility Reflective Address Sign

In an emergency, locating the address as soon as possible is the first step in saving lives and property. Time wasted searching for the proper address is something many 911-callers can’t afford. Proper marking of a home street address is the responsibility of the homeowner. If you need assistance getting a reflective sign, your local fire department may sell them. If they do not, you can call our office and place an order for one through us. You must pay upfront if you order through our office.

Reflective Address Signs | North Newton Township

Numbers should be at least 5 inches in height and posted at the end of the driveway.

The address should be clearly visible day and night, and from both directions.

Facts About  911 Addressing:

What is 911 Addressing:

911 addressing is a confidential information database that links telephone numbers and addresses at the time of a 911 emergency call.

What do I need to do to get a 911 Address:

Most address information can be given over the phone.  Most times it is not required that you come into our office.  There are times that it will be required that you come into our office to locate on OUR maps the location on a property where the address is needed. 

Do I Need my Tax Map Number:

It is not required to have your Tax Map Number, although it IS very helpful. 

Where Do I Place My Mailbox:

911 Addressing/Mapping will assign your street address.  You will need to contact the post office that will deliver your mail regarding the placement of your mailbox. 

Why Doesn’t My Address Display on Google Maps, GPS, ETC:

The maps and other information about roads, addresses, businesses, etc., are loaded onto consumer navigation devices by the commercial companies that manufacture them. Neither the U.S. Government’s GPS programs NOR Laurens County, provide any of this data.

You can, however, be assured that 911 Dispatch is provided with all road updates, changes and deletions on a weekly basis. These updates are provided to them in-house by this office to ensure that emergency service responders can locate callers in a time of emergency.

Location of 911 Addressing Office:

321 S. Harper St. | P O Box 1396
Laurens, SC 29360

Phone: 864-984-0812

Fax: 864-984-0900

Email: [email protected]

Danielle Prather

GIS Coordinator

Hours of Operation:

Monday -Friday

9:00 am – 5:00 pm