To schedule a public event or to have someone speak to your organization please contact Lt. Bobbie Blakley at:


Laurens County EMS has a public relations program established to assist the general public in learning more about us and the services that we provide. We also use this program to educate the community concerning general health issues they may have. Lt. Bobbie Blakley, our Public Relations Officer, schedules numerous events throughout the year targeting issues of public health and EMS education. We visit schools and speak to the kids of the community, let them tour our emergency units, and answer questions they may have about emergency services. Follow the links on the right side of this page to learn more about a few of these specific health issues.

Several times a year we sponsor mock DUI and distracted driving scenarios. These are dramatizations of high school students being killed due to drinking and driving and distracted driving. Even though these scenarios are acted out, this allows the students to witness how we perform and see how drinking and driving or distracted driving can lead to tragic consequences for all of the family members and friends involved.