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ACCOMMODATION TAX ADVISORY COMMITTEE (ATAC) – The purpose of the ATAX Advisory Committee is to solicit and receive requests for the two percent (2%) State of South Carolina Accommodations Tax proceeds collected in Laurens County. The Committee submits a recommendation for distribution of available funds to the Laurens County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Commission who in turn submits their recommendation to the Laurens County Council. Committee Members serve a one (1) term. Meetings generally begin in February and run through May. Should any additional meetings be needed, they are held prior to third and final reading of the Laurens County Budget Process.

Term of Office:  One (1) year terms. Nominated by the Laurens County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Commission. Appointed by the Laurens County Council.

Authority:  Advisory only

Membership:  The Committee consists of seven (7) members.

Mike Hobby2Hospitality / Lodging
Kurt McLaughlin6Hospitality
Bob Link7Cultural
Peggy Cwialaka4Restaurant
Kirit Naik4Restaurant
Jerre Threat7At-Large
Bryant White3At-Large

Responsibilities:  A Committee is required when a municipality or county receiving more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) in revenue from the accommodations tax within a given county. The purpose of the Committee is to review and recommend local allocations involving the expenditure of revenue generated from the accommodations tax.

Meeting Schedule:  The Council shall appoint the Committee in January of each year. A schedule is determined by the Committee at the organization.

Staff Liaison:  Andy Howard, Director, LCPRT

Download and Print the following forms related to Accommodations Tax Grants:

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