CPST – Veteran’s Monuments & Memorial Park

Implementation Plan as of February 12, 2021

Project 8: Veteran’s Monuments & Memorial Park
Project Amt: $414,200
Entity: County Council

Part A: $214,000 – Park:
Cash Flow & Schedule:
A. Q1-Q4 22: Design/Permit/Construct: $214,000

Part B: $200,000 – Memorials:
Cash Flow & Schedule:
A. Q1 22: $200,000

Action Plan
1. Committee be formed to guide the design process with County Council team. COMPLETE
Robert Sapp- retired USMC
Matt Smith- Captain Air National Guard
George Thompson- Army Veteran
James Buchanan- Retired Military & Hall of Heroes Board
Earnie Segars- Veteran & Hall of Heroes Board
Claud Vaughn- Retired Lt Colonel & Hall of Heroes Board
Chuck Seaver- Retired Warrant Officer USMC
Councilwoman Dianne Anderson Appointee (Not yet appointed)

2. Committee works with Andy Howard on design, final design approved by County Council
3. Award Contracts (where needed) and Start Construction

Plans are a work in progress and are subject to change over time.