The Health Care Board was created by a Legislative Act in 1990. The appointment procedure for members to the Laurens County Hospital Board of Trustees is outlined by state law (Act 729) that was passed in the General Assembly in 1990.


The Health Care Board is established to oversee, advise, and direct the actions and operations of the Laurens County Hospital.


The Health Care Board consists of nine (9) members.


The Laurens County Council is vested with the authority to appoint, by a majority vote, a nominated designee at a scheduled public meeting of Council as prescribed by law.  The Nominating Agency shall notify, in writing, the Office of Laurens County Council at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date of a term of office.  A joint meeting will be held by the Nominating Committee of the Laurens County Health Care System and the County Council Committee on Health, Welfare, and Public Safety.  Upon reaching a consensus by the above-mentioned sources, a recommendation shall be submitted to County Council for further consideration and submission to the Governor for appointment to the Laurens County Health Care System.  There are known procedures (SLED report) within the Office of the Governor that involves a statewide appointment process upon nomination by Council.


The Board is appointed by the Governor upon recommendations and nominations by County Council.  Board members serve for four (4) years and may be reappointed.  A total of nine (9) members are nominated by County Council – four (4) from Laurens, four (4) from Clinton and one (1) at large.  Terms expire on September 30.

AppointeeExpiration Date
Lynn W. Cooper- Chair30-Sep-24
Tiffaney B. Threatt- Vice Chair30-Sep-25
Randy E. Garrett- Secretary/Treasurer30-Sep-23
James E. Lattimore30-Sep-24
Donald R. Adams30-Sep-26
Walter Hughes, III30-Sep-26
Dr. Ameca Thomas30-Sep-25
Jonathan Coleman30-Sep-26
Ashley Tate30-Sep-26


These appointees are brought to the County Council Committee by the Hospital Nomination Committee.  The Council Committee then brings the nominee to the full Council for approval.