The Laurens County Parks and Recreation Commission was established in 1958 by Legislative Act #737 and originally consisted of five (5) members and appointed by the Governor.  Act #403 substituted Laurens County Council instead of the Laurens County Delegation.  Ordinance 293B (July 1989) revised the Commission, which now consists of seven (7) members appointed by County Council.


The purpose of the Commission is advisory and primarily is for the disposition of tourism funds designated to Laurens County.


The Commission consists of seven (7) members.


The members of the Commission are appointed by the Laurens County Council.  Terms are for four (4) years and correspond with the term of the County Council member making the recommendation.  Terms expire on December 31st of the ending year of the term for whom the appointee serves Commissioners may succeed themselves. The appointee should be a registered elector residing in Laurens County In the event a vacancy, the Council Member for the unexpired term of the appointee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the appointee.  No compensation.

AppointeeExpiration DateCouncil District
Sarah Jane ArmstrongDecember 31, 2022#1 - Younts
John BrownDecember 31, 2020#2 - Wood
Levester HillDecember 31, 2020#3 - McDaniel
Michale BurmasterDecember 31, 2022#4 - Jones
Wilamena JonesDecember 31, 2022#5 - Carroll
Donna HiggenbothamDecember 31, 2020#6 - Anderson
T. Eston MarchantDecember 31, 2020#7 - Pitts