Department of Emergency Services (911) | Pasco County, FL - Official Website

What is 911?

Our Communication Center is known as a Centralized Dispatch Center.  The same person that takes your call is the same person that dispatches an ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement when you call 911.

At our Center our Dispatchers work 12 hour shifts, 7-7.   Currently Laurens County has 24 full-time dispatchers. Each shift has a Shift Supervisor and three E-911 Dispatchers. The dispatchers are very well trained in-house and certified with SLED and other organizations.

Our Communication Center has up-to-date equipment to aid in dispatching for any emergency.

  • Zuercher Computer Aided (CAD) System
  • Solacom Guardian 911 Telephone Equipment
  • ESRI based ARC GIS Mapping System
  • Motorola MCC 7500E Elite Radio Dispatch System
  • TDD/TYY- ( for the hearing impaired ) 1-864-681-1604
  • *NEW* Text-to-911 capability 

Dialing 911 can Save Your Life

Did you know that city and county logs are filled with incidents where people have helped save lives and property by dialing 911? Unfortunately, there are many instances where 911 was dialed as a joke, a trivial or nuisance call.

REMEMBER, dialing 911 is serious and calling unnecessarily can endanger the life or property of someone else when they really do need help.


What Do I Say?

When the 911 Telecomunicator answers, be prepared to give the following information:

  1. The street address (where the problem is)
  2. Tell what the problem is
  3. The phone number you are calling from.
  4. Your name.

Stay on the line and remain calm; speak clearly to the telecommunicator and answer all questions.

Why Are You Asking Me So Many Questions?

To determine the level and number of responders needed, assure prompt arrival of emergency personnel and advise responders of potentially hazardous situations. Staying on the line with the call taker does not delay the response. Another dispatcher is sending the appropriate help and additional information is relayed to them by radio while they are on the way.

How Long Will It Take For Help To Arrive?

It is very difficult to determine how long it will take for help to arrive because emergency calls must take priority over non-emergency calls. It also depends on how far away responders are as units can be busy with a prior call.

Don’t You Already Have My Address?

Yes, but we must make sure our information is correct to make sure help arrives as soon as possible.