Bridge Closures

Press Release

August 29, 2019


Laurens County adheres to SCDOT Recommendation for bridge closures

Laurens County:  The Laurens County Roads and Bridges Division received notice today from the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) that the immediate closure of three (3) County bridges, located in the northern area of the county, is recommended.

Prior to this announcement, the Laurens County Roads and Bridges Division has been working diligently on developing an inventory and asset management for all our bridges and pipes.  It is anticipated that the County may have more than ten million dollars in deficient bridge and pipe structures.  Additionally, the Laurens County Division operates and maintains in excess of 700 roads totaling over 460 miles.

By way of email communication, the SCDOT recommended the closure of bridges on Well’s Road, Burdette Rd. and Park Rd. The basis cited by SCDOT were the age and wear of the single span bridges and heavy vehicle traffic using the bridge crossings. “Our county road and bridge assets are a critical component to our County’s infrastructure. The safety of our traveling public is and has always been priority one for our elected Council and the staff/employees who work daily to maintain and repair these critical assets.” stated Dale Satterfield, Director of Public Works.

We know and understand the inconvenience these closures cause to our citizens. Therefore, we will work diligently and as quickly as we can to correct the issues while keeping the safety of our team priority. Laurens County staff will begin immediately defining and quantifying the repairs and/or replacements of these bridges. All Emergency Services, EMS, Fire and Sheriff’s Office has been notified and is altering travel routes, where needed, to maintain quality service to our citizens.

The Department of Public Works will inform the public as information is obtained on length of closures, progress, etc. Information will be conveyed to local media outlets. Also, you may contact the Department of Public Works at 864-984-6812 for any updated information or,

Dale Satterfield

Laurens County

Department of Public Works