Emergency Medical Services




It is the mission of Laurens County Emergency Services Department to provide professional and cost effective emergency and public safety planning, preparedness programs, response and recovery to the citizens of Laurens County. Providing modern support systems combined with prompt and courteous service, our mission is accomplished through a dedicated and professional effort by all emergency service personnel.


Laurens County Emergency Medical Services is operated by the Laurens County Council and is overseen by an appointed Director.  Additionally, the management team consists of an Deputy Director who oversees all daily operations and the Training and Education Coordinator who is responsible for the department’s in-service program, the CQI/QA program, and the over site of the department’s Medical Peer Review Committee.

The department is structured into three 24 hour shifts.  Each shift’s management team consists of the Shift Captain who is responsible for all shift operations and two Shift Lieutenants who are responsible for direct field operational and clinical oversight along with additional duties as assigned.  To supplement the department’s management team there are 2 Field Training Officers assigned to each shift.  These leadership positions are directly responsible for the orientation and training of new employees along with clinical field leadership.  Additionally, each of these positions holds adjunct responsibilities as assigned in order to assure the highest quality response and patient care by all field providers.

The department values a close working relationship with the local medical community.  Our medical control director, Dr. Randall Reinhardt, is a board certified emergency medicine physician with the Laurens County Health Care System.  Dr. Reinhardt is an active participant in the department’s CQI and QA programs, IST program, and in the evaluation of the medical protocols and treatment modalities utilized by the department.


Laurens County EMS dedicates itself in providing the best possible clinical training to all employees. In-service training sessions are offered four times a month to allow employees the option of maintaining state and national certifications through the SC DHEC IST program. In addition, the education department offers additional classes to help meet recertification requirements and provide additional knowledge in specialized areas of patient care.

Additional Course Offerings:

  • Healthcare Provider & DOT First Responder
  • Advanced & Pediatric Cardiac Life Support
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
  • Advanced Medical & Stroke Life Support
  • 12 & 15 Lead EKG & Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Emergency Medical Technician – Basic

Continuing education is essential for any one in the world of pre-hospital patient care. We pride ourselves in offering tuition assistance and educational leave compensation to any qualifying employee who wishes to seek professional degrees, certifications in specialized fields, or general knowledge courses related to the EMS profession. The Training Department also assists the various surrounding colleges and EMS councils through our field student internship program. All levels of EMT’s are required by DHEC to have documented ride time with experienced Paramedics in the field.


Laurens County EMS has a public relations program established to assist the general public in learning more about us and the services that we provide. We also use this program to educate the community concerning general health issues they may have. Lt. Bobbie Blakley, our Public Relations Officer, schedules numerous events throughout the year targeting issues of public health and EMS education. We visit schools and speak to the kids of the community, let them tour our emergency units, and answer questions they may have about emergency services. Follow the links on the right side of this page to learn more about a few of these specific health issues.

Several times a year we sponsor mock DUI and distracted driving scenarios. These are dramatizations of high school students being killed due to drinking and driving and distracted driving. Even though these scenarios are acted out, this allows the students to witness how we perform and see how drinking and driving or distracted driving can lead to tragic consequences for all of the family members and friends involved. To schedule a public event or to have someone speak to your organization please contact: Lt. Bobbie Blakley @ 864-871-0991 email


 LCEMS Elder-Check Program

On March 1, 2003, Laurens County Emergency Medical Service began a new program aimed at assisting the elderly citizens of Laurens County. Called LCEMS Elder-Check, the program offers daily telephone contacts and weekly in-person visits to elderly residents who live alone. The program presently operates in the Western Laurens / Hickory Tavern areas of the county. The free service is designed to give a sense of security to those who may not have family or friends to keep check on their welfare. 

“Our older citizens are a valuable and respected asset to our community, said former Director Chad Burrell.  As we go about our daily duties of caring for the sick and injured, we have noticed that there are a significant number of older people who are trying to live independently with little help from outside sources. We feel that EMS can provide them with a feeling that someone cares”.

The Elder-Check program is currently the responsibility of Lieutenant Bobbie Blakley. Utilizing the Paramedic staffed Rescue truck stationed in this rural area of the county, the program is based on the principal of pre-planning, an idea widely used in the fire service.

“We want to get to know the people we serve before an emergency situation arises.” said Paramedic Clem, the former Elder Check Program Coordinator. “By becoming familiar with them and their location, we can reduce our response times and also be prepared for any unusual circumstances that we might encounter. In addition, we can make sure they are taking their medications correctly, check for safety hazards to prevent falls and other injuries, and generally give them a chance to know EMS outside of the typical emergency situation. Our daily telephone checks give them a sense of security and the weekly in-person visits will allow us to monitor their health a little closer.”

LCEMS is currently accepting a limited number of participants in the Western Laurens/Hickory Tavern area. If you know of someone who would benefit from this program in other areas please contact: Lt. Bobbie Blakley @ 864-871-0991 email

LCEMS Ride-Along Program

A community ride along program is available for citizens of Laurens County who wish to witness first hand what is involved in providing emergency care in the streets. We think it is extremely important to allow the citizens the opportunity to learn about the daily operations of their Emergency Medical Services.To schedule a ride along time please contact: Captain Chad Beam @864-984-1497 email






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