Environmental Impact, Intent to Request Release of Funds


On or about September 29, 2020, Laurens County will submit a request to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, Grants Administration for the release of CDBG funds under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, to undertake the following project:

Project: Hwy 56/76 Sewer Upgrades, CDBG Control #CI-20-16

Purpose: Sewer Upgrade project involving the installation of 12” and 24” gravity sewer line, 24” steel casing pipe, manholes with interior coating, new bypass pumping valves, force main header piping and reconnection of force mains. The new sections of encased sewer lines will run parallel with the existing lines. Sections of the proposed sewer trunk lines will need to be replaced via an open cut trench method. The project will use an estimated $715,000 of CDBG funding and $120,000 in non-Federal funding.

Location: The project areas are located in Laurens County and within the City of Clinton. The first project area is located at the SC Hwy 76 and Springdale Drive crossing, located in the city limits of Clinton. The second project area is located at the SC Hwy 56 and Springdale Drive crossing, located just outside the City limits of Clinton, within Laurens County.