Parks, Recreation & Tourism


The Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department of Laurens County will ensure that the availability of athletic, passive, and water recreation opportunities effectively serve the diverse needs and interests of area residents, as well as visitors.



  • Coordinate maintenance requests, work orders, and compliance
  • Ensure county-owned and county-leased facilities are safe, well maintained, and inviting
  • Develop conceptual plans for existing and future county-owned and county-leased facilities
  • Compile preliminary cost estimates for proposed recreation projects
  • Maintain a prioritization plan for improvements, expansions, and new facilities
  • Perform yearly assessments of all county-owned and county-leased facilities.
  • Conduct yearly community input meetings for county-owned or county leased facilities
  • Maintain working relationships with community and athletic organizations
  • Manage  requests to equally support county-owned and county-leased facilities
  • Explore federal, state, and private funding to finance recreation project