RFQ – Martha Dendy Community Center

RFQ – Martha Dendy Community Center


Friends of Martha Dendy (“Owner”), along with Laurens County, as part of the Capital
Improvements Project Program, is soliciting Statements of Qualifications for the
selection of an Architect/Engineer (AE) Team for the design of the Martha Dendy
Community Center, Inc., in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements set
forth in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

This RFQ provides the information necessary for Respondents to prepare and submit
Qualifications for consideration by the Owner. In the next step the Owner will determine
an initial ranking of the Respondents. If the initial ranking of the Respondents is reasonably
conclusive, the Owner may make a “most qualified” selection based upon the written
Qualifications only. If not, then the Owner may conduct interviews with a “short list” of

The Owner may select up to three (3) of the top ranked qualified Respondents to
participate in an interview with the Owner to confirm and clarify the Qualifications
submitted and to answer additional questions. The Owner may then rank the interviewed
Respondents in order to determine a single most qualified Respondent.

After selecting the most qualified Respondent the Owner will negotiate the detailed
professional services to be provided by the A/E and a suitable fee for those services. The
Owner will request a fee proposal from the most qualified Respondent, with supporting
information demonstrating that the requested fee is justified by the level of effort (and
related personnel costs) required to provide the services necessary for the design of the