The Laurens County Library Board was established by Legislative Act 4-9-35 in 1978.


The purpose of the Board is to advise and direct the operations of the Laurens County Library and its branches.


The Board consists of seven (7) members and no more than eleven (11) members. Per State Code – Chapter 9 Section 4-9-35.


The members of the Board are appointed by the Laurens County Council.  Terms are for four (4) years and should be a registered elector residing in Laurens County. Terms can be amended per statute.  Board members may succeed themselves.  Terms will expire on December 31st of the year of the Council Members’ term expiration.  In the event a vacancy, the Council Member for the unexpired term of the appointee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the appointee.  No compensation.

AppointeeExpiration DateCouncil District
Sandra H. PowerDecember 31, 2021#3 - McDaniel
Shirley R. JeffersonDecember 31, 2018#5 - Carroll
Annette Senn CrawfordDecember 31, 2021#7 - Pitts
Wanda S. WoodyDecember 31, 2021#2 - Wood
John W. WomackDecember 31, 2018#4 - Patterson
Rose A. BlackstoneDecember 31, 2018#1 - Younts
Velma AustinDecember 31, 2021#6 - Anderson