Required Inspections

  • FOOTING – When forms and reinforcement are in place – Prior to placing concrete
  • FOUNDATION – Damp proofing, drainage system and floor deck in place – Prior to backfill
  • ROUGH – All framing, bracing, fire stopping and electrical, plumbing, mechanical rough inspections are done – Prior to insulating(truss drawings must be on site)
  • INSULATION – Prior to covering insulation
  • FINAL – On completion of project – Prior to occupancy, at this time a Certificate of Occupancy may be issued (elec., plumb., mech. final inspections required). On all commercial buildings, an inspection by the fire marshal is required as a part of the final inspection.
  • SPECIAL INSPECTIONS – As outlined in Chapter 17 of the International Building Code

Permit Clerks

Toni Edwards
(864) 681-5665
[email protected]

Norma Cashion
(864) 681-5667
[email protected]

A. Lynn Anderson
(864) 984-6659
[email protected]


Mack Brown
Desk (864) 681-5663
[email protected]

Angelo Pignata
Desk (864) 681-5664
[email protected]

Gage Lowman
Desk (864) 681-5666
[email protected]