Welcome to the Laurens County Planning Department!  The Planning Department is a newly reformed department for Laurens County and as such, this webpage is currently under construction with new information added periodically for your convenience in reaching the goals of your project.

Currently, Laurens County does not have Zoning or a Zoning Ordinance in place and all new subdivisions and commercial development fall under the standards of the recently updated and adopted Laurens County Subdivision Ordinance #926 and its associated appendices and other regulations within the County’s Code of Ordinances.  Be sure that your proposed project is located within the unincorporated areas of the County and not under the jurisdiction of a municipality by locating your project on the County’s GIS system at Laurens County Property Parcel (

* Note:  The County’s Subdivision Ordinance #926 was updated and adopted on October 11, 2022.  The County has placed a moratorium on any major subdivision and development that falls under the new Subdivision Ordinance regulations until January 1, 2023, therefore, staff is unable to set up Pre-application meetings or review proposed development with Applicants that fall under the updated ordinance until January 1st.  The new ordinance includes design guidelines, development checklists, new development in-take and review processes, and natural resource protections that will be included and required in the review of new applications. 

If you have questions or propose development within the unincorporated areas of Laurens County, staff strongly advises that you review the new ordinance, its associated appendices, and checklists to be sure you have everything you need to submit your application in January, as new in-take and review procedures prevent staff from accepting incomplete applications upon submittal. The updated Subdivision Ordinance #926 and new forms and checklists are posted on this page and on the Building & Codes Department webpage for your convenience.

We are still available to answer any questions you may have, and we have added a list of frequently asked questions below to help guide you through the development process.  Laurens County looks forward to working with you in the future in reaching your planning and development goals as quickly and efficiently as possible throughout the new process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laurens County have Zoning and where can I find a Zoning Map?

The unincorporated areas of Laurens County do not fall under any Zoning restrictions or Zoning Ordinance.  Development is guided by the County’s Subdivision Ordinance and the additional Code of Ordinances found at Code of Ordinances | Laurens County, SC | Municode Library

Where can I find the Subdivision Ordinance

The County’s Subdivision Ordinance is currently being amended and a moratorium is in place for all subdivision actions until the updated Ordinance is adopted by the County Council.  The most updated and draft Subdivision Ordinance #926 is available for review through the County Council webpage at CC_A_2022_09_13.pdf (

Where can I find my property Tax Identification Number and basic information about my property?

The County’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS) website can help you find your property through aerial mapping and lists your property tax ID, at Laurens County Property Parcel (

Click here for questions concerning building permits, construction standards, and application submittals.

Click here for questions concerning platting, land division, or stormwater management.

Click here for questions concerning the development review process, setting up a pre-application meeting, or the status of a project currently under review.

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Laurens County Long Range Strategic Capital Plan – Version 2021

Ordinance 748 – Laurens County Comprehensive Plan