Gateway Counseling was established by Legislative Act in 1973. Gateway Counseling was created by County Ordinance #99 in 1980.  Amended by Ordinance #305 in 1989 addressing the manner of appointment.  Ordinance #360 in 1992 reestablished the Board so as to receive state funding.  In 2003 there was an amending Ordinance #571 addressing the appointment process and amended ordinances #99 and #305.


The purpose of the Commission is to oversee, advise and direct the actions and operations of Gateway Counseling.


The Commission consists of nine (9) members, one (1) from each County Council District, and two (2) at large from the County. Each appointee shall be registered voter within Laurens County.


The members of the Commission are appointed by County Council for four (4) year terms.  Commissioners may serve more than one term and may succeed themselves. In the event a vacancy, the Council Member for the unexpired term of the appointee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the appointee.  No compensation.


AppointeeExpiration DateCouncil District
Keri Hanselman31-Dec-22#1 - Younts
Ken Porter31-Dec-24#2 - Rankin
Jessica Holman31-Dec-24#3 - Vacant
Jimmy Garrett31-Dec-22#4 - Patterson
Terry Grubs31-Dec-22#5 - Carroll
Vacant31-Dec-24#6 - Anderson
Vacant31-Dec-24#7 - Tribble
VacantAt Large
VacantAt Large


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