The Planning Commission was created by Ordinance #245 (1987) and was redefined pursuant to the requirements of the Enabling Act of 1994 in Ordinance #434 (1997).


The purpose of the Planning Commission is to coordinate a comprehensive program of planning for the physical, social, and economic growth of the County and to promote public health, safety, prosperity, and the general welfare of the County.


The Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members.


The Commissioners are appointed by County Council, one (1) from each Council member’s district for four (4) year terms.  The term of the appointment corresponds with the term of the Council member.  State Code does not permit an appointment for an appointee that lives in the city limits of the City having a Planning Commission of its own. Commissioners may succeed themselves.  In the event a vacancy, the Council Member for the unexpired term of the appointee shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term of the appointee.  Members are offered a mileage reimbursement.

Meeting Calendar

Notification of meeting dates of Laurens County Planning Commission, Calendar Year 2019.  In compliance with Section 30-4-80 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, the Office of Laurens County Planning Commission hereby provides the following meeting schedule for calendar year 2019.  All scheduled meetings of Laurens County Planning Commission will be held on the third Tuesday at 5:30 P.M. in the Conference Room of the Laurens County Administrative Building, 100 Hillcrest Square in the City of Laurens, South Carolina (unless subject to Board relocation of meetings).

January 15, 2019July 16, 2019
February 19, 2019August 20, 2019
March 19, 2019September 17, 2019
April 16, 2019October 15, 2019
May 21, 2019November 19, 2019
June 18, 2019December 17, 2019

Please note that the Laurens County Planning Commission is subject to hold special sessions and location changes subject to the call of the Chairperson.

Commission Members and Terms

AppointeeExpiration DateCouncil District
Edward AbercrombieDecember 31, 2018#1 - Younts
Scott HorneDecember 31, 2021#2 - Wood
Oscar TribbleDecember 31, 2021#3 - McDaniel
Bob BrewingtonDecember 31, 2018#4 - Jones
Jim RoyerDecember 31, 2018#5 - Carroll
Sylvester GrantDecember 31, 2021#6 - Anderson
Posey CopelandDecember 31, 2021#7 - Pitts

2018 Agendas, Documents, and Minutes

October 16, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
August 21, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
July 17, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
June 19, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
May 15, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
April 17, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
March 30, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
February 20, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available
January 16, 2018not availableRead Aheadnot available

2017 Agendas, Documents, and Minutes

November 16, 2017not availableRead Aheadnot available
June 20, 2017not availableRead Aheadnot available
April 18, 2017not availableRead Aheadnot available
March 21, 2017not availableRead Aheadnot available

2016 Agendas, Documents, and Minutes

November 15, 2016Agendanot availablenot available
October 18, 2016AgendaRead AheadMinutes
September 22, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes
August 16, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes
June 21, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes
May 17, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes
April 19, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes
March 15, 2016Agendanot availablenot available
February 16, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes
January 19, 2016Agendanot availableMinutes

Archived Documents

You can view archived documents at document-archives